Antalya Adrasan

Adrasan, Turkey's Hidden Paradise in Antalya

Adrasan, which was formerly known as Çavuşköy, is located in the region between Muğla and Antalya in the Kumluca district of Antalya. It is 30 km to Kumluca district, 55 km to Kemer district, 15 km to Olympos, 95 km to Antalya city center and 111 km to Antalya Airport. Adrasan village center is 4 km from the beach. Most of the local people are engaged in tourism and welcome their guests very warmly. Angling is also very common in the region.

It is a quiet, calm and peaceful natural paradise that enchants everyone with its clear blue sea surrounded by mountains covered with lush pine trees on three sides. It is a holiday resort with one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea with its magnificent bay at the foot of Mount Musa and its 2.5 km long coastline surrounding it like a bow. There is no road around Adrasan, which resembles a paradise with its unspoilt nature, with its sandy beach and sandy pebbles, sandy bottom and partially shallow bay, resting its back on Beydağları.

Adının; The name is said to have originated from Luwian, one of the oldest known peoples of Anatolia, and meant “Mother Goddess Land”. The town, which dates back to the Hellenistic Age, has a very important position with its proximity to the ancient regions of the Mediterranean such as Olympos, Patara, Letoon. Piri Reis described the port of Adrasan in his Kitab-ı Bahriye “It is a port suitable for big ships to sleep. In addition, the harbor is mountainous. Drinking water is also available. The sight of this harbor from the sea is the mountains on both sides. This port looks like a low stream”.

Adrasan is one of the important stops on the world famous Lycian Walkway and it is adjacent to the important points of the Lycian Walkway. To the west is Gelidonya Lighthouse, to the east is Olympos, Cirali, Cirali Yanartas. Olympos Ancient City, which is approximately 9 km away, Cirali, Yanartas and Ceneviz Bay, which is the most frequented place for boat trips and Suluada are among the must-see places. Phaselis Antique City and Phaselis Bay, which is 34 km away from Tekirova, and Rhodiapolis Antique City, which is 30 km away, are also worth seeing. Despite the beauty and serenity of the sheep, the wind blowing in the back, it is said that no ancient city was established in Adrasan because it makes it difficult for the sailors to approach the bay.

At the foot of Mount Musa, located north of the Adrasan coast, and on the Kocamaar side, there are two historical castles and a fjord, which is said to be a legendary fjord called Gemyelik.

Adrasan Coast

Adrasan Bay is a natural harbor protected by the open sea wind due to the mountains surrounding both sides and the sea is generally waveless and has a calm lake. The coastline, which is approximately 2.5 km long, extends in the north-south direction. The south of the coast consists of pebbles and sand, shallow foot to the ground up to a certain meter, the northern part has a more stony beach and suddenly deepens. The scorching hot effect of the summer is less due to the wind blowing from sea to land until noon, and the wind blowing from land in the afternoon.

When the road leading to the hill behind the hotels which on the beach left side of Adrasan bay is followed spectacular views of Adrasan coast can be watched. The small bays are reached when the path extending through the trees is followed.

PThere are municipal sunbeds, umbrellas, changing cabins, showers and toilets. Sun beds and umbrellas are chargeable and there are no mattresses on the sun loungers. There are several grocery stores, various café-restaurants and many observers on the coast road.

Adrasan Creek

Adrasan Creek, which is located in Bey Mountains National Park and flows from Tahtali Mountains to Adrasan Bay is one of the most natural places of the region. There are spaces and hotels with large terraced on both sides of the creek. The hotels here are within walking distance to the beach and not by the sea. The wooden terraces built on the creek, whose water decreases in summer time, attract great attention especially in the evenings. The downstream which is overshadowed by the giant trees on the side of the stream facing the road, is cool even on the hottest summer days.