Adrasan Boat Tour

Adrasan is one of the most ideal places for a boat trip. We recommend that those who go on holiday to Adrasan definitely join the boat tours. Adrasan daily boat tours start at 10: 00 and end at 17: 30. Suluada, Sazak and Genoese bays, which are located about 1 hour from adrasan, are among the most interesting places. All of the adrasan tour boats generally serve the same type. Boat tours include lunch consisting of salad, rice or pasta with chicken or fish, and tea and fruit after dinner. Boat tours must be booked in advance.

Tour Routes

There are two pleasant routes for those who take daily boat trips from Adrasan. The first route is the Cape of Gelidonya and the Five Islands direction where the Phoenician shipwreck, which sanked about 3300 years ago and which American marine scientist George Bas was working on. In this direction, there are the Tatlısu mouth, the American bay, Kumsal and Adrasan Lighthouse. The second route is the Adrasan – Genoese route with Akseki, Love cave, Çoban Port, Sazak and Porto Genoese bays, which are in the opposite direction of the Cape Gelidonya – Five Islands.


Akseki Bay

It is the first stopover point for boat tours in the direction of the bays. The Bay, where the shade of the tranquil pine trees reflects into the sea, is the starting route of the tours

Sazak Bay

On tours to the bays direction, it is usually the second stop where boats also take a meal break. The bay is a sandy beach from end to end and is adorned with old and huge pine trees towards the interior. In the section where there are rocks on two sides of the bay, those who are be keen on to underwater can enjoy beautiful views with sea goggle and swimming with fish. Sazak Bay is an inner bay and is the habitat of protected Mediterranean monk seals.

Ceneviz Bay

It is a bay with views of Çıralı and Musa Mountain, where sea turtles can be watched and powdery sand at the bottom of the sea. There is also mud inside the sheep that gives a feeling of comfort when it is applied to the body. The bay is where the boats serve tea.

On the boat tours those made on the route of Ceneviz bay; the bays of Akseki, Tuzla, Fosforlu Cave, Pırasalı Island, Coban Port, Sazak and Ceneviz are visited which are beautiful in each other. The Sazak and Genoese bays, which are lined up behind a steep slope, are among the rarest bays in Turkey. The Ceneviz bay, which overlooks the open sea, is also called “Porto Ceneviz” because of the castle remains on its slope. You can flourish in Genoese Bay with a bath of moss and mud. The bay has crystal clear blue sea

Korsan Bay / Pirate Bay

Boats returning from Genoese Bay anchor at the Bay, which has a bright and deep sea after a pleasant sea journey. With a depth of about 15 m, the bay offers unforgettable moments with its shores and exquisite underwater beauties.

Mavi Mağara / Blue Cave

After a small entrance, can be swimned in an exciting cave. After turning to the entrance direction of the high-sided cave, the phosphorescent view of the floats is magnificent

Sulu Ada

The tour boats off the coast of Adrasan arrive in Suluada, also known as Turkey’s Maldives, at the end of a nearly 1.5-hour blue cruise. Its name is Suluada because it is the only island with a fresh water source in the islands from Kas to Cyprus. It is said that fresh water flowing through the rocks with abundant minerals is good for kidney stones. The island is the shelter of the Mediterranean monk seals (also called bear fish), which are endangered for generations. During the Suluada tour, there are breaks at 3 different points. The dolphins accompany the boats along the way, even in the distance.

After leaving the Suluada and about 1 hour journey, a small white pebble cyan beach is anchored. You find yourself in a unique nature on this beach, where 3-4 boats dock during the day. You can see the amazing beauties and fishes on the seabed with snorkel and goggles. You can relieve your stress by swimming many times from boat to beach and from beach to boat. After a nice lunch, the boat departs directly to the stopover points. On the way back a final break is given at Adrasan lighthouse point and is returned to Adrasan. It is possible to count the large and small fish that are found at the bottom of the sea, such as the aquarium in front of the island. It is wonderful to swim on the crystal clear beach adorned with mosaic-looking black and white stones to the west of the island.