Adrasan Bays – Porto Ceneviz – Korsan – Sazak Bay

There are two routes for the bays of Adrasan. The route on the left side of Adrasan Bay is Leek Island and the route on the right side is Sulu island.

Pırasalı Island

The island, which is 8 km away from Adrasan bay by seaway, has been named “Leek Island” because natural and wild leeks grow on it. The sea depth around the island increases. The eastern side of leek island goes down as a wall and reaches a depth of 60 m. There are caves at the 18th and 60th meters of the wall that descends to this depth. The region, which is rich in fish, is often the point of visit for large leer flocks and is also a good diving area. Divers take videos and photographs of large leer fishes.

Bays Towards Leek Island

Kargıcak Bay

It is a small bay 300 m away from adrasan bay by seaway. To reach the cove from the land, cross the bridge on the river for the passage of cars and turn to the mountain road leading to the forest. The road ends at the top of the beach and does not go down to the shore when turned off from the forest road to Kargıcak Bay.

Kargicak coast is generally sand and trees go down to the coast. As the surrounding area is fully sheltered, the sea is generally waveless except for stormy weather. For this reason, it is one of the preferred places for evening stay of blue cruise boats in summer. It is ideal accommodation for those who want to set up tents and camp in the summer months, relax in a quiet environment and also do not want to stay away from the settlement.

Kapıarası Bay

The Bay, which is 1.5 km from Adrasan bay by seaway, consists of a part of collapsed rocks and a part of a small beach. To reach Kapıarası bay by land, there is a very difficult path with small rock climbing places where only people who know can go down the forest road. This footpath reaches the sandy part. The beach part is a very nice place go swimming, relax and find peace. The section where the collapsed rocks reach the sea with a steep slope and here the trees extend to the sea. Where there are collapsed rocks, from time to time, those trying to fish can be seen. Although not as much as Kargıcak Bay, it is a Bay sheltered against the waves.

Ayıderesi Bay

It is 3 km from Adrasan bay by sea. It is a small bay with no access from land, very steep to the sea and no beach.

Akseki Bay

Akseki bay which is the biggest bay in Adrasan bays is 4 km away from Adrasan Bay by seaway. By following the forest road and descended from the road devoted to Tuzla bay, walking from pathway that departs from the Tuzla road approaching the sea is reached in 1.5 – 2 hours from land.

It has a small and very cute beach. The ground of the sea is sand. The sheep Beach is bisected by a large block of rock. Usually people use the right side of the beach.

Akseki derives its name from the white-colored rocks found at the entrance of the bay, with steep slopes such as those cut by a knife. The height of the rocks reaches up to 70 m in places. When viewed from the sea, the left side of the sheep is surrounded by higher cliffs and the left side by lower rocks.

Red pine trees go down to the sea because it is a sheltered bay. All the surrounding area extending from the upper part of the Bay to the sea is covered with ed pine trees. In some places the trees on the rocks break down and fall into the sea.

Tuzla Islands and Bay

It is 6 km from Adrasan bay by seaway. The bay is reached from the land via the forest road and can be reached by car. It is a Bay where the people of Adrasan goes by car and motorcycle to hunt fish. The Bay is the most visited area for fishing. There are two islets in the Bay. Because the people of adrasan came to collect salt from these islets in ancient times, these islets were called “Tuzla Islands”.

It does not have a small beach and is completely surrounded by cliffs. The trees go down to the sea in the bay. Red pine trees, some of which exceed 40 m in length, are quite common in this region and in the upper part of the forest.

Gemliyik Bay

It is 6.5 km away from Adrasan Bay by seaway. After crossing the Tuzla Bay separation when the Forest Road is followed by land, it is reached by a difficult footpath road as it is not much used. Another difficult alternative is to reach Tuzla Bay on foot after landing. The easiest way of transportation is by seaway.

Gemliyik Bay, which is a large bay, has a small, stony and sandy beach. A large part of the bay is covered with large rocks with very indented protrusions. Because of the Bay is open to storms and waves, trees start from above sea level and there are stunted trees in some places where trees are introduced into the sea..

The land in the 1.5 km area leading from Gemliyik Bay to Leek island merges with the sea by forming steep walls. Where these steep walls are located there are three caves side by side that extend deep into the sea. This region is within the forbidden area for diving because it is within the ancient sunken area and cannot be evaluated in terms of diving tourism..

Bat Cave Cove

It is 7.5 km from Adrasan bay by seaway. There is no access by land to the Bay, which can only be reached by sea. The Bay, which starts at the end of the area where diving is prohibited, is a very nice diving zone. Scuba diving divers first dive up to 30 m and reach the entrance of Bat Cave when they make the turn and reach a depth of 13 m. After passing through the entrance, they pass a large gallery by lighting their lanterns and reach the Bat Cave by making water face in this gallery. It is possible to see bats hanging on the cave ceiling. The exit from the cave is made through a narrow passage from the surface which a little further ahead.

Shepherd Harbor Bay

It is 9 km from Adrasan bay by seaway. It’s 1 km away when turned from Leek island towards Olympos. It is a large bay and has no beach. The cove, which is difficult to reach by land, can be reached by paths following the old plateau road. Goats often roam around the Bay, which was frequented by goat herders in ancient times.

It has a small recess which is literally port property. The trees go down to the sea in Bay of Shepherd Harbour. The fact that the trees are very frequent and covered up to the high slopes shows a magnificent view. When first entered the Bay, the unique beauty of the Bay folds and indentations, nature and tree structure fascinates people.

Aktaş Seaside Residence

It is 11 km from Adrasan bay by seaway. It is a small bay which shows appearance of a seaside residence with white high cliffs that.. Ağaçların denizle buluştuğu bir koydur. Küçük bir kumsalı vardır ve koyun içi, dipten deniz seviyesine kadar yükselen büyük taşlarla doludur.

Sazak Bay

It is 13 km from Adrasan bay by seaway. It is reached from the land by a dirt road which is 10 km away from Adrasan and leads up to the Bay, accompanied by the unique beauty of Adrasan Bay and through high trees.

The bay, which is the neighbor of Cenevizzz bay, is one of the most beautiful unspoilt bays of Adrasan and is a large bay with a maximum of recesses. The surrounding area of bay is surrounded by high mountains and the whole of the bay has a wooded terrain. The trees cover the beach and reach up to the sea.

The small beach on the left side of the bay where cold spring water meets the sea is ideal for cooling off on hot summer days. At noon it is the only place with shade. It is one of the places to stop for a lunch break for those who do fishing trip. There is one more bay within the bay that was formerly operated as a fish farm but now it is only a small hut.

Ceneviz Bay

The cove is 16 km away from Adrasan bay by seaway, there is no land access, there is only sea access. The cove, whose other name is “Porto Ceneviz” is protected as a national park. The Bay can only be reached daily and accommodation is not allowed. Like many adrasan bays, Ceneviz bay has been frequented by pirates in history. Through passing around the small islets at the entrance of bay and is entered to the bay. Also in Ceneviz bay the trees meet the sea.

When gone ashore in Ceneviz Bay, to encounter with Şefik older brother who is devoted himself to this bay, stop by his small hut, drink tea and have a talk with him will contribute to leave with unforgettable memories about Ceneviz Bay.

The ancient city of Olympos is reached when it is continued 2-3 km from the Ceneviz Bay. Ceneviz Bay is the final point of the adrasan bays towards Leek island.